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WOHLSCHLEGEL’S Naples Maple Farm
(see directions below)
8064 Coates Rd, Naples, N.Y. 14512

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WOHLSCHLEGEL’S Naples Maple Farm
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Our Views
from the Farm
Rt 21 in Naples, take County Road 36 West toward Honeoye.  
Left on French Hill road, follow that to Garlinghouse road.
Left on Coates road.
Follow Coates road to the top.

Note: GPS directions take you on a seasonal road. Take Rt 21 from Naples or Cty Rd 36 from Honeoye
The only regions of the world

colorful autumn season
(foliage season) are eastern
America and western Asia;
dominated by hardwood
forests containing significant
numbers of maple species.

The three US. States state
tree in 1948. They were
Wisconsin, Vermont and
West Virginia. New York
declared the sugar maple as
its state tree in 1956. Only
the white oak represents as
many US states.

Although maple sugaring is
not practiced, in some parts
of Asia, maple sap is
collected and drunk fresh as
a beverage in the spring.

First metal maple tap
patented by Eli Mosher in

Sugar maple trees are native
to North America, and when
planted in Europe, they
almost never flower,

Because red maple flowers
come out very early in the
spring, they are important
first source of nectar for

maple (and in some places,
black maple) is known as
"hard" or "rock maple" and is
used for durable furniture
and flooring (including that
of bowling alleys). It is also
prized for firewood when
seasoned properly. Although
not as valuable, red or "soft"
maple is a versatile wood
that can be used for a
variety of structural products.
(Note Coates Road is a SEASONAL ROAD)

Do not set your GPS for Coates Road as it will send you to a potato field!  Google Map it.

Helpful Hint: Follow the Green Maple Tree Signs

We are 16 minutes South of Honeoye Lake:
Take Co. Road 36 South towards Naples and “follow the green maple tree signs” turning right up French Hill Road.   Make a right turn on
Garlinghouse Road.  Follow the Maple Tree Signs. Stay on Garlinghouse Road 1.4miles and then turn left onto Coates Road.  The Sugar
house is on the left at the top of the hill.

We are 14 minutes from Main Street, Rt. 21 in Naples:
Make a right turn on Co. Road 36 (Clark St.) toward Honeoye Lake (near the Middle Town Tavern).  Make a left hand turn onto French Hill
Road.  Make a right turn on Garlinghouse road.  Turn left on Coates Road.  Sugar house is on the left at the top of the hill.  

from Main Street, Rt. 21 in Naples, turn right on Eelpot Rd. Make a right on Dug Road.  Follow the green maple leaf signs.  

the top of the hill.
Holiday Sugarhouse Store Hours:
November and December:  Saturdays 10am - 2pm, Sun: 1pm - 4pm
(CLOSED Sat/Sun DEC 27th + 28th)

January through October: Please call for Sugarhouse Store hours.

Sugarhouse Group Tours Welcome Year Round. Please call for appointments and pricing

We are a Working Family Farm.  We will be happy to come out of the sugarbush to assist you in our Sugarhouse
Store.  Please do not hesitate to call us for availability.