Our Sugar House

WOHLSCHLEGEL’S Naples Maple Farm in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region of Western New York evokes a sundry blend of a modern maple syrup sugarhouse with a great appreciation for the history of maple syrup, nature, forests, and the environment.


Nestled Atop the Naples Hills!

A sense of generational family customs is conjured up that triggers the emotions and the traditions of pure natural maple syrup. Maple syrup with its varying hues of color and distinctive country kitchen aroma is still the same product it has always been. It is a symbol of simpler times, simple pleasures, family participation and hard work bringing to mind “days of old”. . .

A woods walk takes one back to the era of the Seneca Indians and early colonist’s who roamed these scenic forests and introduced the simplest methods of transforming one of the greatest wonders of the world, sap to maple syrup. Our small Americana retail shop along with our sparkling production area blends a nostalgic ambiance with the spirit of our premium quality maple syrup and products.

Welcome to our Farm!

Bobbi and Garry Wohlschlegel