What is also very unique is that the Wohlslegals live in their sugarhouse and why wouldn't you with the stunning views

“Wohlslegals a Maple Sugaring Treasure”. Visited this past summer and I was treated to a treasure. Bobbi and Garry are both totally committed and obviously very passionate about making pure maple syrup and other value-added products. In particular their maple cream is to die for, don't sample it unless you're ready to buy lots of it, it's that AWESOME!
What is also very unique is that the Wohlslegals live in their sugarhouse and why wouldn't you with the stunning views and vistas they enjoy. My understanding is that they are the only maple producers in New York State that actually live IN their sugarhouse. Just like the good old days when lighthouse keepers actually lived in their lighthouses, ...very cool.
Bobbi and Garry took their time to answer my numerous questions that I had and answered all of them like the pro's that they are. I really appreciated that, nothing better than getting connected to the people that make our wonderful maple syrup. Their sugarhouse is also spotless which isn't surprising considering their attention to detail.
I highly recommend a visit to Wohlslegal's Naples Maple Farm when touring in the area, you won't be disappointed. Oh, please, don't buy all the maple cream as I'm coming back for more!

The drive is breathtaking with the beautiful fall foliage!

Friendly Owners and Wonderful Products . My partner & I discovered the Wohlschlegel's Maple Farm products while attending this year's Naples Grape Festival in Naples, New York. After sampling and purchasing some maple cream at the festival, we decided to pick up more products to take back home for family, and thought it would be fun to get those products directly from the farm since it was only a short drive from our cottage on Honeoye Lake.

Knowing that this was a working farm, I decided to call before visiting. Gary, one of the very friendly owners, welcomed us into the small store at the farm and was happy to talk with us about the many different products they make, as well as some of the history behind the company and maple syrup in general.

The store smelled amazing! Some of the products they offer include: maple syrup in various grades, maple sugar, maple candy, maple soap, maple coffee & tea, and my personal favorite... Maple cream. They also had several types of seasonings that were enhanced with their maple syrup.

Gary was wonderful and welcoming and we truly appreciated him taking the time to see us today (October 1, 2014). He said they are always happy to have guests visit their farm and view their many products, but since it is a working farm, it is always best to call ahead.

My personal advice is to check out this farm in the fall. The drive is breathtaking with the beautiful fall foliage! We will definitely visit Wohlschlegel's Naples Maple Farm again when we visit the area

“The ONLY place for your MAPLE NEEDS!

“The ONLY place for your MAPLE NEEDS! I went to their March Maple weekend Open House and was simply amazed by the hospitality and their products. What a beautiful place! The owners are so very friendly and accommodating.
I left with 4 bagfuls of product - as another reader wrote, their maple is to die for! I dont need to look anywhere else. GREAT JOB Wohlschlegels Naples Maple Farm!


"so friendly and helpful

Great Experience. The young lady working there was so friendly and helpful.She let us try all of their products. The view when you pull into the store is one of a kind. Everything tasted so good. I am sitting here eating french toast with their excellent maple syrup.I got half way thru breakfast and had to stop and write this review.

"A wonderful experience..."

The hospitality and overall setting and community atmosphere at Wohlschegel's Maple Weekend was so delightful! This will be a trip I make every year! Wish it was every week! Thank you!!!

Happy Customer!